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Deep Tine Aeration for Sport Fields

Posted by TruMark / Sunday, May 27, 2007 / Posted Under: Uncategorized
Please provide me with a list of service providers for deep tine aeration of university sports fields.

I don't know of a particular vendor in your area, however here are a couple manufacturers/distributors of deep tine aeration tools that can probably assist you.

Commercial Turf & Tractor, 800-748-7497, Chillicothe, Missouri
In the past they have provided turn key solutions, bid and perform the complete aeration project. They offer the Wiedenmann deep tine aerators. I've seen one of these units during a demonstration and it was impressive, even in hard packed soil conditions. This company has
been active in the Nebraska Sports Turf Managers Association and Nebraska Turfgrass Association chapters over many years.

Wiedenmann's Terra Spike XP series allows deep aeration and removal of compaction to a depth of 16 inches. Features include a central adjustment of the entry angle from 90 to 65 degrees; a three-speed gearbox that allows a high operating speed; and a tool-free depth adjustment that accurately sets working depth no matter which length of tine is fitted. A central power pack helps to protect the tines from damage in extremely stony or hard conditions. There is an integrated shock-absorbing system designed to protect the machine and absorb vibration, protecting the tractor and operator. You can outfit Terra Spike with an optional overseeding unit, core collection scraper, windrow, hydraulic brush or a hydraulic lift motor for adjusting the depth from the tractor. Optional Terra Tronic is a precise and quick electronic measuring of the working output, the hole count per square foot and the running speed of the tractor.

Toro also makes deep tine aerators. I would check for distributors in your area using their distributor locator web site address.

Redexim Charterhouse is a deep tine aerator manufacturer

Different Verti-Drain Deep Tine Aerators
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