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Intake Line Upgrade Kit -- Bottom for RS-500 Series

Posted by TruMark / Monday, April 7, 2008 / Posted Under: Uncategorized

Tru Mark introduces the latest upgrade kit to the Series RS-500 self-propelled riding athletic field marker units. All units are now (2008) being delivered with this new assembly.

The RS-500 Bottom Intake Line Upgrade Kit improves the intake of field marking paint from the tank to the Shurflo 3.3 GPM 12-volt diaphragm pump. The 20-gallon (2) tanks are now outfitted with plastic PVC connectors from the tank bottom along with an easily accessible in-line filter assembly to a garden hose swivel connector before connecting to the pump assembly.

The kit integrates the existing 2-way ball valve along with connectors for changes in pipe diameters for quick and easy clean-out procedures. The in-line filter can now be easily removed through a screw on/off container with access to the stainless steel mesh screen. The assembly includes a swivel hose connector so the unit including the pump and hose lines can be flushed with a garden hose attachment.

The assembly, one for each tank, is configured to stay within the perimeter of the steel tank frame for protection yet allows for easy access by the field marking operations staff.

Check out a series of RS-500 Bottom Intake Line Upgrade Kit images for a better perspective of how Tru Mark can help improve your field marking operations.
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