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AquaStripe Paint

AquaStripe Paint

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AquaStripe Brightness Options
AquaStripe #2 Color Options

*Lead times for paint can be up to 6 weeks. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

America's choice for bulk athletic field marking paint for more than 20 years. The water based acrylic latex formulations are designed to be non-flammable, non-clogging, non-settling, low odor and contain very low VOC's. AquaStripe is safe for the environment, the user and all types and varieties of natural grass. The multiple grades allow you to select the right product to make your field look great at a price that is right for your program! 

  • Price is per 5 gallon pail
  • All colors are pre-diluted and ready to spray directly from the pail. To order, select AquaStripe #2 and then the color options will appear.
  • Safe for use on all kinds of grass and surfaces
  • Works with any airless field striping machine (when diluted properly)

Select the paint that is right for your field:

AquaStripe #1

Economically priced 5 gallon bulk water based latex field marking paint for spraying crisp white lines on athletic fields. Recommended for painting white lines on football, soccer, lacrosse practice fields where budget is a factor.

AquaStripe #2B

This is the work horse of field paints. It is an economical choice that provides good coverage, whiteness, durability and performance. Can be spray directly from the pail or diluted at a 1:1 ratio. A great choice for high schools, parks & recreation departments and soccer clubs.

AquaStripe #4B

Good choice for high profile collegiate athletic fields, high school athletic fields and recreational ball fields. Coaches and turf managers alike appreciate its extra brightness, whiteness, hiding power and ease of use. It's a high solids, concentrated formula that can be sprayed as is, or can easily be diluted with 2-3 parts water. This special formulation contains extra xenon brighteners for maximum day time brightness and reflectivity under night-time stadium lights.

AquaStripe #5B

Top paint choice of professional turf managers and athletic field groundkeepers. Extremely vibrant, easy to use, high solids, excellent coverage, durable athletic field marking paint.

AquaStripe #10 Concentrate

Formulated with high levels of top quality raw materials, namely premium prime pigments for extreme brightness and coverage. Contains top quality acrylic latex resins for maximum durability. High solids for superior coverage, exceptionally good hiding power and the ability to accommodate a high dilution ratio with water. Even after being diluted with 4-5 parts of water, a one coat spray application will have your field looking brilliant.

AquaStripe #10 Ready to Spray

Formulated for distinction and when end user does not want to thin the paint. It contains only premium pigments for extreme brightness and top quality acrylic resins for maximum durability and staying power.

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