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Stripe-X Synthetic Turf Paint

Stripe-X Synthetic Turf Paint

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*Lead times for paint can be up to 6 weeks. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

Stripe-X is a removable, water-based paint for syntethic turf. This paint contains a proprietary resin binder that wrinkles up and comes loose when the chemical remover is applied to the paint lines.

  • Price is per 5 Gallon Pail
  • True removable paint. It wrinkles and lifts up when the remover is applied.
  • Safe, water based acrylic latex formula
  • Good quality, high solids paint with superior hiding, brightness and durability
  • Can be used as is or can be thinned with equal parts of water
  • Safely use with airless or battery operated bulk spray machines
  • Will not settle excessively during shipping, storage or use.
  • Once dry will not stain. For use on synthetic turf, asphalt or concrete

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