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SwitchBack Paint

SwitchBack Paint

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*Lead times for paint can be up to 6 weeks. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

Find the SwitchBack Paint that is right for your field from ready-to-use paint right from the pail to highly concentrated, highly durable and bright paint.

  • Price is per 5 gallon pail
  • All colors are pre-diluted and ready to spray directly from the pail. Call us to place an order for colors.
  • Safe for use on all kinds of grass and surfaces
  • Works with any airless field striping machine (when diluted properly)

Select the paint that is right for your field:

SwitchBack GroundBoss

When you want crisp, enduring lines, this paint will make your field look great. Get ready for gameday with this extremely durable paint.

  • Bright, high performance paint concentrate
  • Dilute at a 1:1 ratio for games and up to 4:1 for practice fields
  • Available in white and colors
  • Provides excellent coverage and durability for natural and artificial turf

Cheap Seats

Create crisp, clean lines with this bright, high performance paint.

  • Provides excellent coverage for natural turf
  • Available in regular formula or Ready to Use. 
    • Regular dilution ratio is recommended at 2:1
    • Ready to Use is pre-diluted and ready to use from the pail

Trailhead MVP

This highly concentrated paint makes it easy to cover your field for less.

  • Bright, high performance paint concentrate
  • Dilute up to 8:1
  • Provides excellent coverage for natural turf

Double Play

When you want bright, long-lasting lines, this product acts as a liquid chalk to make your field look great. 

  • Dilute at 1:1 for good coverage
  • Create crisp, durable lines
  • Turf-friendly
  • Compatible with any sprayer

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