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Soccer Field Stencils | Custom Made

Soccer Field Stencils | Custom Made

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Customize your soccer field with your logo, school name or team mascot painted on it using a field stencil! There are many size options available depending on your unique needs

  • Custom Logo stencils can be painted on a variety of places on your soccer field
    • Mid or center field soccer team logo or mascot
    • Near the sideline at midfield
    • Opposite corners of the soccer field
    • Custom field stencils are made from a variety of plastic materials from flexible to rigid. Most midfield soccer field stencils are made using a flexible plastic material that ships and can be stored folded like a tarp.
    • Based on your logo we will match the right material and cutout style to make sure your stencil lasts as long as possible!
    • Our stencils are created to exactly match your logo. It will come with instructions for layout and painting.
    • The custom stencil will include grommets for staking and have the center line marked to make layout easier!
    • Most stencil kits can be used for multiple applications. We recommend only using the athletic field stencil itself at the beginning of your season and doing touch-ups by hand as needed.
    • Logo stencils can be created for synthetic turf or natural grass fields.

Don’t forget paint for your logo stencil!

Custom Stencil Quoting and Order Process:

  • Send us your logo in a high resolution format; a vector file works best. Along with your logo it is helpful to know your deadline and where on your field you want the logo as well as the approximate size that you have in mind. If you aren't sure what size would look best or if you want us to quote multiple size options we can do that and make recommendations.
  • When converting a logo that is used for printing to a graphic that gets painted on a field sometimes we need to make moderate tweaks to the logo to make sure it 1) can be cut 2) can be painted and most importantly 3) can be seen by the fans! We will always tell you up front if any adjustments need to be made to your logo.
  • We will quote the size and cost of the stencil as well as provide the current lead time. Mockups are available at the customer request.
  • If you need graphic work done on your logo we can make small changes at no cost. Any complex graphic work can be done and is charged hourly at $50/hour.
  • Stencil production is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Lead times are approximately 1-2 weeks during the busy season of July through September.
  • Your stencil will ship with detailed instructions for painting. We are always available via phone, text or FaceTime to help with painting if you have questions right from the field.

Visit our FAQ page to find out how much paint we recommend for a stencil and get tips on application!

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