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Marking Whiskers
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Marking Whiskers

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Marking Whiskers, Raptor Stakes, Penny Nails, Stake-Alls: Quantity is Per Set of 25. Field Anchors: Quantity is Per Set of 5

Durable and flexible, these 6-inch marking whiskers provide maximum visibility and will eliminate the need for you to re-measure! Safe and easy to spot when trimmed to the height of the grass and installed at intersections, these whiskers are not only the most popular choice for athletic field marking, they’re a hit with customers for many other uses as well.

To use on your athletic field, insert a 60 penny nail or a Raptor Stake into the whisker. Install whiskers at each intersection that you want to mark. With a pair of scissors trim the whiskers to just below the height of the grass. It is ideal if the mower blade does not touch the whisker while mowing.
  • 1 set includes 25 whiskers
  • 6-inch marking whiskers
  • Eliminate the need to re-measure if your paint fades
  • Leave in the ground between seasons to keep intersections marked
  • Easy to hammer into a composite stake or onto a penny nail
  • Available in various bright colors

Color Brightness & Durability

  • Whiskers are coated with a UV sealant, however, some colors will fade quicker than others. 
  • Longest lasting colors (approx 1 year in the sun): orange, yellow, white, blue, green
  • Quicker fading colors (approx 1 month in the sun): florescent orange, pink, red

Other Uses

  • Grades on construction sites
  • Athletic fields (football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey)
  • Paintball grids and barrier layouts
  • Temporary Golf Tee Box Markers
  • Horse arenas, dressage arenas
  • DMV Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills testing course
  • Stages at shooting ranges (trap, skeet, archery, rifle)
  • Temporary parking spaces on ground and turf surfaces
  • Property boundaries
  • Landscaping/irrigation
  • Underground utility marking

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