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Titan Powrliner 2850

Titan Powrliner 2850

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This rugged and powerful striper is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use on pavement, field and turf. The ideal intermediate striper, the Titan PowrLiner 2850 easily handles the big paint jobs that smaller stripers can’t. Easy to steer, this striper makes stenciling and painting lines for any sports field or surface a breeze. If you’re looking for a reliable heavy duty field marker, the Titan PowrLiner 2850 is the machine for you. 


  • Easy to use, transport and store
  • Ideal for medium-size projects on athletic fields and pavement
  • Powered by a dependable Honda GX120 (120cc/4hp) with 50 watt lamp coil
  • Includes 2 LX8011 4-Finger Spray Gun, 4-inch pattern tip and 50-foot airless hose
  • Versatile gun bracket accommodates spraying from the left, right, front or rear
  • Compatibe for use with the LazyLiner Pro and LazyLiner Elite
  • Designed for everyday use
  • 4 Year Warranty


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