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Graco LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip

Graco LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip

Item: #50121
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RAC 5 SwitchTips are high-performance tips and the #1 selling tip on the market today. RAC 5 provides excellent fan pattern life and a high-quality finish.

  • Creates clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges or thin spots
  • Designed specifically for parking lots, roads, warehouse floors, crosswalks and athletic fields
  • Sprays heavy water-base to thin alkyd traffic paints
  • Ensures consistent paint thickness, from edge to edge, less overspray and long-lasting lines
  • LL5315 is the standard tip for a FieldLazer S90
  • LL5421 is a standard tip for a FieldLazer S100

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