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TempLine Clear Base Turf Conditioner

TempLine Clear Base Turf Conditioner

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or spectators, looking down upon a freshly laid synthetic field adds to the experience of game day – everything is shiny and new. But for field managers, brand new fields tell a different story. Because residue from the manufacturing process coats the strands of new synthetic turf, it can be extremely challenging to paint. Pre-Game Turf Conditioner and Clear Base were developed to make fresh fields to behave like seasoned ones while maintaining their brand new look.

New fields and old fields alike can learn a thing or two from Clear Base, a sealant solution. Clear Base started out as a conditioner, but it turned out to be useful in protecting areas of the field that you don’t want to absorb paint. The rubber in the turf acts as an extremely porous sponge. On brand new turf, when you paint the rubber before protecting it, you will end up with a constant ghost of color. Clear Base makes the rubber insoluble. Clear Base will fill the nooks and crannies of a surface, so that when you do remove the paint, pigment particles come off clean because they have nowhere else to go.

  • Promotes paint adhesion
  • Protects inlaid lines
  • Can be used with any airless paint machine

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