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TempLine Natural Grass Paint

TempLine Natural Grass Paint

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TempLine Natural Grass Paints are the premier eco-friendly option for painting natural grass fields. The three formulas offer you the ability to find the paint that best meets your needs from a dependable, economical paint up to the brightest line around while at the same time maintaining the lowest VOC's possible to keep your soil and grass health at the forefront.

Select the paint that is right for you:


TempLine™ Playmaker offers you a range of performance, depending on the event. It can be used undiluted for exceptional coverage and whiteness, or diluted 1 to 1 with water for more economical line work.

• Delivers crisp, durable lines

• Easy to prepare and apply and clean up


TempLine™ Pro can be used right out of the pail or diluted 1:1 for greater economy. In either case, TempLine™ Pro will give you crisp bright lines that last.

• Exceptional brightness, coverage, and durability

• Works with virtually any spray equipment or wheel to wheel application


TempLine™ has raised the bar for excellence in grass paint with this durable and brilliant coating. 

• Brilliant white concentrate and rich ready to spray colors, built with the best pigments

• 5 gallons can be diluted 1:1 to 3:1 with water to produce 10-20 gallons of paint 

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