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Templine Synthetic Turf Paint Removers

Templine Synthetic Turf Paint Removers

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Clings to the paint on the turf fibers, giving it a long time to work on the paint

  • Easy to apply with any conventional application sprayer
  • Water-based, low odor, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly
  • Nonflammable

Eco TempLine Removers come in Gel and LV (Low Viscosity) formulations, and both are equal in their paint removing and turf cleaning properties. TempLine Remover LV (Low Viscosity) was developed for applications that would allow the cleaner to be run at full strength through field equipment with lower voltage or low-pressure pumps.  This version also works best when removing paint from more porous surfaces like concrete or wood.

TempLine™ Remover

  • Designed to flow more easily through application and cleaning equipment sprayers or other low-pressure application conditions
  • Best suited for damp, cooler climates and weather conditions

TempLine™ Gel Remover

  • Our thicker formula remover designed to afford longer evaporation periods
  • Best for use in hot, arid climate or weather conditions

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