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Bunt Zone® Protector

Bunt Zone® Protector

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Protect your turf and teach players how to visualize bunt zones with this patented color-coded bunt zone protector and practice mat. Made of industrial grade vinyl coated polyester mesh, this protector is spike-resistant and virtually tear proof. Get one for your team today!

  • Easy to use and store
  • Protected from fading and decay with ultraviolet and mildew inhibitors
  • Made from industrial grade vinyl coated polyester mesh
  • Color-coded bunting and hitting targets help players visualize bunt zones
    • Yellow: Bunt-for-hit
    • Green: Sacrifice bunt
    • Red: Bad bunt or hit-and-run target area
  • Two styles available
    • Minor: with third base teaching aid
    • Major: with first and third base aids
  • Three sizes available
    • LL/Softball: 15' deep x 18' x 48'
    • Medium: 15' deep x 24' x 54'
    • Large: 20' deep x 24' x 64'
  • Includes low profile stakes and grommets around edge
  • Improve your play and protect your field today!

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