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Graco FieldLazer S90

Graco FieldLazer S90

Item: #50033
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From now through June 30th, get a FREE Spray Shield Kit ($75 value) with the purchase of a Graco S90 through Graco's mail in or online rebate program!

Paint bright, professional lines with this high-pressure battery powered field marker. The Graco FieldLazer S90 uses less paint and helps you get the job done faster by delivering sharp lines from every angle. With a push button start and paint mechanism that gets both sides of grass blades coated in one pass, this field marking machine gets 10 soccer fields or 1 football field done per battery charge. 

• 12V rechargeable, maintenance free battery
• Eco-friendly, 60-lb striper uses less paint and water than competing brands
• Adjustable handle bar makes setup, cleanup and storage a breeze
• Three wheels provide stability and maneuverability
• Adjustable spray shields keep the paint where you want it to be, even in windy conditions
• Reverse-a-Clean tip makes clean up fast and easy

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Additional Information

  • Battery Charger (Included) - Bulkhead connection makes it easy to charge after each use
  • Easy Out Filter - Large capacity and toolless removal for smooth operation
  • Adjustable Handlebar - Striping comfort for all heights
  • 3 Wheel Design - Easy to maneuver around corner kicks, arcs, circles, stencils and straight lines
  • Adjustable Spray Shields (Included) - Protection from windy conditions
  • FieldLazer RAC 5 (Reverse-A-Clean) Tip - Turn tip 180 degrees to clear clogs

FieldLazer s90 Stencil Kit  (not included) - 24R236, 10 ft hose and 10 ft cable with spray button


  • Tip Support: .015 - .021
  • Max gpm (lpm): 0.11 (0.42)
  • Max psi (bar): 900 (62)
  • Weight lb (kg): 60 (27)


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