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LazyLiner Compact

LazyLiner Compact

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Made for large-scale painting projects, the LazyLiner series from Titan is ideal for striping airports, roads, parking lots, soccer fields, ballparks and everything in between. Boasting the industry’s only one wheel ride on system, the LazyLiner Compact is relatively lightweight, portable and easy to store. When you have a big job to knock out, trust the LazyLiner to help you get it done on time, on line and within budget.

• Easy to start 126cc Subaru OHV/OHC gas engine
• Capable of moving up to 12 mph and 7 mph in reverse
• 121 pounds and 7.5’ long with field marker attached
• Compact, portable and easy to store
• Paint on pavement, grass and turf
• The only one wheel striper on the market!

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  • Industry's only one wheel ride on system
  • Compact, portable, and easy to use
  • 126cc Subaru® OHV/OHC (Pull Start)
  • 0-12 mph forward - 0-7 mph reverse
  • Height adjustable foot pedal
  • Only 121 lbs / Only 7.5' longer w/striper attached 
  • Hitch not included


One wheel ride that is portable, compact, and easy to transport.


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LazyLiner™ Compact 0290042

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