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Washable Field Marking Paint (Removable with Water the Same Day)

Posted by TruMark / Friday, June 13, 2014 / Posted Under: Product_Review, Turf _Tips
Liquid Chalk Foot Scuff Test
A recent email presented the following statement. "Can you tell me if you carry field paint that is washable?  We need to stripe a portion of a field for evening practices and then we need to be wash it off that same evening.  Do you have a solution or know of a product that would work?"

So what does Tru Mark suggest?

Are you applying to natural grass or synthetic turf?

If it is the later we have a couple solutions that work well without any cleaning agent required. For natural grass these same solutions will work but removal may not be as effective.

Aerosol chalk is a quick and easy solution if you already have an aerosol line striper (also available). This product performs like traditional powdered chalk once it dries and comes off with water or brush action, no cleaning agent needed. One aerosol can will cover 200 linear feet. This product does come in different aerosol chalk colors (red, yellow, blue, pink).

If you have access to an airless line striper then I recommend our SwitchBack Double Play bulk liquid chalk. The product is diluted 1:1 and then applied. It can be removed with water or brush action. We only have this product in white at the present time. One gallon of diluted chalk will cover 300 linear feet.

When applying these products to natural grass the chalk may ‘cling’ to the leaf tissue depending on the health of the grass. Mowing and applying water will remove the product.

For a removable field marking paint that requires a cleaning agent then we suggest the TrailBlazer Rally Day and Trail Wash. An airless line striper (Titan Powrliner 850, Graco FieldLazer S100 ) that produces at least 900 psi to apply the non-diluted paint. One gallon of this product will cover 300 linear feet. For removal Trail Wash is sprayed on, agitated with a hand or mechanical broom/brush, then rinsed with with water.
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