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Multi-use Synthetic Turf Field Specified for Norfolk, NE Project

Posted by TruMark / Thursday, February 17, 2011 / Posted Under: Sports

The City of Norfolk, in conjunction with three area high schools and citizen committees, has specified a multi-purpose synthetic turf field to replace the natural grass City's Veteran Memorial Field. DLR Group, architect for the project, has specified that the turf will manufactured as a mono-filament or mixed fiber material. Because soccer will be played on this synthetic turf field it was felt that a split film only fabric turf would not be sufficient to replicate the playing surface for soccer.

The request for bid included two options, one to complete the turf installation by end of July 2011, and the end of July 2012. A general contractor (bid request and award trailing the turf bid and award by a couple weeks) is responsible for the sub-grade installation, drainage and curbing. The winning turf vendor will have approximately a week to complete inspection to accept the sub-grade for installation and then approximately4 weeks (2011 installation) or 8 weeks (2012 installation) to complete the work.

The request for bid response is due the early part of March with a award date toward the end of March. The bid request is targeting companies that have extensive experience with the numerous product offerings and a successful installation history. An 8 year warranty with yearly safety inspections and warranty service has been incorporated into the project. Cost is not the only evaluation criteria as DLR Group is using a matrix for the evaluation process and presentation to Norfolk City Council to make the final selection.

Suggested turf maintenance equipment was identified but will be purchased under separate purchasing arrangements.
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