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Marking Whiskers
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Marking Whiskers

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Marking Whiskers, Raptor Stakes, Penny Nails, Stake-Alls: Quantity is Per Set of 25. Field Anchors: Quantity is Per Set of 5

Durable and flexible, these 6-inch marking whiskers provide maximum visibility and can withstand multiple passes of a mower blade. Safe and easy to spot when trimmed to the height of the grass, these whiskers are not only the most popular choice for athletic field marking, they’re a hit with customers for many other uses as well.

  • 1 set includes 25 whiskers
  • 6-inch marking whiskers
  • Easy to hammer into a composite stake or onto a penny nail
  • Available in various bright colors
  • Durable, flexible and capable of withstanding multiple mower blade passes

Other uses include marking:

  • Grades on construction sites
  • Athletic fields (football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey)
  • Paintball grids and barrier layouts
  • Temporary Golf Tee Box Markers
  • Horse arenas, dressage arenas
  • DMV Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills testing course
  • Stages at shooting ranges (trap, skeet, archery, rifle)
  • Temporary parking spaces on ground and turf surfaces
  • Property boundaries
  • Landscaping/irrigation
  • Underground utility marking

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